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Crushing Accidents

In industrial workplace accidents, there can be incidents of unsafe working conditions that result in crushing accidents. These accidents usually include the crushing of a body part between two hard surfaces in machinery. Often these catastrophic injuries result in amputation of the injured body part. These devastating workplace accidents also result in serious soft tissue damage, organ damage and other serious injuries. Crushing accidents cause such serious physical damage that the compensation claimed in such a case may be very large. At Shea & Shea, the legal team has successfully gotten verdicts and settlements in catastrophic workplace injuries for decades.

At Shea & Shea, our legal team works on only a few cases at a time in order to be able to put our full legal resources in working on the case for the client. If the case of should not be settled prior to trial, we are fully prepared to fight in the courtroom and have a skilled trial team in such cases. When you or a loved one has suffered a crushing accident at work, you want high quality legal representation who will not just accept the first settlement offer, which in many cases is far too low considering the damages suffered. We are willing to fight for what is right for our clients, and are dedicated to doing so.

Crushing accidents can occur in demolitions that result in walls collapsing, collapsing trenches, in equipment failures and when large machinery has not been properly maintained and fails to stop when it should. An employer has the responsibility to ensure that safety rules are followed and that their employees are not put at serious risk. In many cases this has not been found to be true, and in fact negligence was proven in the case. Faulty equipment provided by third party companies may also be responsible. At Shea & Shea we will investigate the possibilities in making your claim and will fight for maximum compensation in any crushing accident case.

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